@FTAV Here's what I've written on Hacker News about the shutdown:

"It is with relief and regret that we announce the shutdown of Alphaville.club, this blog’s completely unofficial home on the Fediverse. To summarise our reasons, Mastodon has proved more hassle than its worth."

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*taps mic*

FT subscriptions might costs a lot, but FT Alphaville is FREE, as long as you simply register with an email address. We are a bit (cough) different from the rest of the FT, but hopefully you’ll find a lot of incisive analysis and commentary here too — with additional helpings of snark, killer charts and memes on the side.

(Please also add us to "myFT" and add an alert there as well, so you'll get pinged whenever we publish something 🙏)

Today I spuriously linked crypto yields and telco yields in a desperate attempt to make the latter sound interesting. ft.com/content/b0c948e0-9488-4

(Though everything else on Alphaville's also free to read, so no big whoop in all honesty. Merry etc.)

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forgot we don’t have automated ’Don x-posting yet… anyway here’s some FTX fun from earlier this week ft.com/content/9a3b4b78-b18b-4

Apologies that our 'Don server keeps breaking. It's because we don't know what we're doing. Back online now. 🤞

Excellent commentary on. Classic Bubble phenomenon: skip due diligence motivated by FOMO: Investors ft.com/content/e739d9ed-b8ee-4...

to be here instead of on journa dot host 😇

’Don hivemind… if… let’s imagine… @FTAV created some t-shirts, mugs etc.… what would you want to see?

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