Hi it’s great to have to many people signed up. As a matter of urgency please can everyone ensure they got to preferences and ensure that animated gifs play automatically so my avatar produces maximum value.

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@tundenagybanto I’m probably just being dumb but is that “delete and re-draft”?


Linked the screenshot, but goodness me the way the picture is displayed is 😬
Click on the picture to see the entire picture, hopefully that way you will see where exactly the Edit button is.

@louisashworth And finally the picture displays correctly, you can see the “Edit” button there.


Well, you should maybe raise it with the admin of your server, clearly you have a different version of Mastodon. And it is not only the Edit button what you don't have, there are some other features in my version (attached a picture to show all the options I have).

And I am not a power user or anything like that, just a random person who picked this server because I saw that @mattblaze was on this server, and I thought he was the best person to follow.

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