A belated introductory toot. I'm a journalist at the Financial Times, and currently work at Alphaville, our finance blog.

I live in Oslo, and I'm Norwegian despite the weird last name. (That means I am required to care more about the Eurovision Song Contest than any sane person should.) I also wrote a book, Trillions, which you should buy.

Btw, FTAV has our own server now,, which we might - time permitting - try to turn into a little community for finance geeks like us.

@robinwigg Welcome to #Tootville. Looking forward to your insights, musings and reflections. Alt godt til dig i Norge 😃

@robinwigg Yep. Mastodon is an elaborate scheme for Denmark to take over the world. Welcome to our movement 😁

@robinwigg great news i really enjoyed your book on the history of index funds

@explorervuk thanks! Loved writing it so it’s incredibly gratifying to hear from people that read it (he says, eyeing the pile of unread or half-read books around his desk).

@robinwigg Welcome and thanks FTAV for setting this up. In the world of financial reporting, FTAV is by all means my favorite thanks to your in-depth quality reporting. Would love to have a community for finance geeks!

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